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Grant H. Garcia, MD

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Video Testimonial after Multi-Ligament Knee Reconstruction.

I was referred to Dr Grant (by a different surgeon) after the initial open surgery performed on my right shoulder did not take.

The injury was a severe 90% tear on the right rotator cuff and after 3 months post surgery and (twice a week) PT rehab, I could not raise my arm above my shoulder in any direction.

My options were to leave it as is, have a complete shoulder replacement, or have a Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR) done. So a lengthy discussion with Dr. Garcia ensued where he explained the options to me.

He told me that I was NOT a good candidate for total shoulder replacement because I was still “too young” and would most likely outlive the replacement, and very probably would have my shoulder replaced when I’m (a lot) older. That did not sound fun to me.

I did not want leave it as. If I did do that I would have very limited range of motion along with much pain more than likely. I still have a good amount of working years left in me, so the SCR seemed to be the best option. And that is what I chose.

Now, post SCR surgery and after a long 9.5 months of twice weekly PT rehab I have recovered 95% full range of motion on my own strength and movement and with no pain!

Even though I don’t have back my full strength prior to the injury for lifting overhead and straight out in front of me, I can manage some lifting using learned modified techniques. And may never recover full strength again, even though I will continue strength training accordingly to keep my shoulders in shape, but I am super happy to have my arm and shoulder function again.

Dr Grant Garcia was put in my path for this new procedure and his amazing expertise in performing the SCR procedure got me to where I can function in a normal capacity in my daily activities. Thanks Dr Grant!

~ J. Wade

I’m a repeat patient for Dr. Garcia. Last year on a trip to Chicago I tore my left meniscus root. Misdiagnosed by a local Orthopedist as a simple torn meniscus, I sought out a 2nd opinion once I got back to Seattle. Dr. Garcia reviewed the Chicago MRI and X-ray and clearly identified a torn meniscus root that would require surgery. A year later I’ve now torn the right meniscus root (a matching set of scars!). Based on the accurate diagnosis, successful surgery, and awesome PT support, Dr. Garcia and Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle was the only choice to getting me back on my feet. Thanks Dr. Garcia!

~ N. Johnson

Patient shoulder replacement testimonial for a severe and complex shoulder fracture

After I suffered a severe knee injury as a result of a freak accident, Dr. Garcia performed surgery on my right knee to reattach my quadriceps tendon. I could not be happier with the results. Five months after surgery I am at least at 90% of my pre-accident mobility and activities. I can comfortably walk 3-4 miles five or six times a week, and occasionally I go 6+ miles with no problems. And these results have been achieved for someone in his late 60's. I highly recommend Dr. Grant Garcia.

~ J. Miner

One year ago, Dr. Grant Garcia of Orthopedic Specialist of Seattle performed an arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder to address my chronic instability.

After sustaining an injury, I tried years of physical therapy, acupuncture, targeted muscle training, and thermal therapy. For years everytime I raised my arm past a certain point, my shoulder would involuntarily jolt into a clicking dislocation. Even more impactful on my daily life was the consistent pain and discomfort which accompanied this injury.

After five years of trying all non-surgical options, I decided to contact the Orthopedic Specialist of Seattle for a consultation. Immediately after meeting Dr. Grant Garcia I felt as though I was talking to the person I’ve been searching for all these years. After my first handshake with Dr. Garcia I was comfortable, and finally felt like I might have a chance at gaining effective physical relief. Leaving this consultation, I walked out with a notable sense of hope and confidence, something I haven’t felt about my shoulder instability since my injury.

While maintaining an air of professionalism, a compassionate disposition beamed through when I began communicating my experience and desperation for pain relief. It revived my motivation to see Dr. Garcia so excited and passionate about bettering my future with my shoulder.

Dr. Grant Garcia was incredibly transparent when describing the procedures and routes available to somebody with my issues in shoulder instability and the severity it had reached. Dr. Garcia’s personable demeanor enabled him to thoroughly explain all the various elements involved and what I should expect. And though certainly he exuded a presence of capability, after researching his background I was emboldened by the scope of his experience with arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

In terms of the surgery itself, Dr. Grant Garcia was one of the last faces I saw before going into the operating room. Afterwards I woke up in my bed, and stayed comfortable throughout the day, only needing a minimum dose of pain medication before sleeping for the night.

Two weeks post-surgery I had an appointment with Dr. Garcia, I walked in very excited and proud to show him how well my shoulder was progressing. Though hard to imagine, Dr. Garcia seemed just as thrilled as myself, increasingly evident with each small exercise and movement I was able to perform. I found myself beaming every time I saw him, and his enthusiasm and returned smile made me view him not only as a talented surgeon, but also as a partner in my healing process.

While my recovery started progressing I was consistently surprised by the things I was able to do, which, since my injury, haven’t been possible. One day I realized I was lifting objects without the support of my other arm, I could move in a new way, and I could lift my right arm above my head without a jolting dislocation. Though perhaps small, these instances and abilities are major accomplishments for me and my shoulder instability.

Now, one year post surgery, I can’t express enough how genuinely life changing my experience with Dr. Garcia has been. He has been one of the most impactful people in my life, and I am incredibly grateful for the work he’s done with my shoulder. I am physically relieved, and emotionally revitalized after feeling helpless for so long. Dr. Grant Garcia and the surgery he performed has fundamentally affected my life in such an immense and positive way.

~ M. Byass

I had ACL reconstruction and a patella tendon allograft performed by Dr. Garcia. Throughout the pre surgery appointments, surgery day and post surgery, he has been amazing and I’m healing very well, stronger than ever! He’s very professional, knowledgeable, kind and positive. I’ve recommended him highly to some of my fellow tennis players who have injured their knees. Also, the staff at OSS have been nothing but pleasant and easy to communicate with each time. Very thankful I found Dr. Garcia and OSS.

~ S. Fahey

I am so grateful to Dr. Garcia. I was in a world of pain with a torn labrum and frozen shoulder. Dr. Garcia was able to help my life return to normal. The entire staff is professional, prompt, competent, and kind. I highly recommend Dr. Garcia. It’s been a pleasure having a very highly trained surgeon who has your back.

~ S. Hardin

Dr. Garcia is excellent ! My son (15) has OCD in his left knee which went incorrectly diagnosed for years. Dr. Garcia not only correctly diagnosed it, but very clearly gave us our options which we felt gave us the highest chance of success in fixing this issue. The surgery and plan went great, my son is back to playing baseball but now with no left knee pain and we couldn’t be happier. Highly Highly recommend Dr. Garcia!

~ Cheryl W

Dr. Garcia is the best there is. He performed a complex 3 tendon repair on my rotator cuff where 2 of the tendons were completely detached, and I was in a lot of pain. He talked me through the procedure in detail, helped me understand and prepare for recovery and made me feel like a rock star throughout. 5 months later, I am doing pushups and throwing a ball for my dog…things I couldn’t even do prior to surgery. My results were outstanding and exceeded my most optimistic expectations. He has a fantastic manner and great personality, and clearly knows what he’s talking about. I wouldn’t see anyone else. The best.

~ Clay W

I highly recommend Dr. Grant Garcia at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle for his high level of skill and expertise. He performed an intricate meniscal root repair surgery on my 55 year old knee, and I’m extremely pleased with my outcome. Dr. Garcia is very professional and compassionate about his profession. He was very honest about the surgical risks and possible outcomes, as well as the amount of work it would take for me to get back to all the activities I enjoy. He listened to what I wanted for an outcome and helped me achieve it. I followed his lead and am now biking and telemark skiing the way I used to. I am so grateful to have made my goal of hiking out to get some fresh deep turns this ski season. Thank you for the outstanding work you and for what your team did to get me back on my skis.
Many thanks,

~ Eddie Paltrineri

Check out Dr. Garcia’s patient testimonial after OCD repair of the knee.

I highly recommend Dr. Garcia who repaired my ACL and Meniscal Root tear. He is very thoughtful and attentive and has provided great advice along the road to recovery. Following an ugly injury, my knee is now strong and flexible.

~ Anonymous

I was at Seattle Orthopedic Center for an appointment for an assessment for a shoulder injury with another Surgeon who informed me that he was not going to be able to repair my shoulder as expected. After the initial shock of ” you can’t fix my shoulder” sunk in I was informed that Seattle Orthopedic Center had a surgeon that could repair my damaged shoulder. That surgeon happened to be Dr. Grant Garcia, and over the course of a couple of pre-surgery visits he gave me possible options; but more importantly I was very comfortable with Dr. Garcia’s degree of experience in preforming complex shoulder repair surgery. During my first follow up visit I was introduced to a highly skilled Physical therapist that Dr. Garcia had in mind. Over the course of 10 month’s my surgery healed and my range of mobility increased. I liked Dr. Garcia’s approachability during my post surgery follow up visit’s. My range of motion post surgery far surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Garcia

~ Michael R

What he did for my shoulder was nothing short of miraculous. I have such great ROM now and am so grateful. He is a true professional.

~ Brown T

I saw Dr. Grant Garcia for my left shoulder which was bone on bone and needed a replacement. I did my research and I am glad I did. He replaced my shoulder with a state of the art replacement called Simpliciti . It was stemless which means he did not have to drill down into my bone and put a stem in. Less downtime and not as invasive. My surgery was a hard one and lasted 3 hours because there was no opening between the bones. He used his expertise and he built up the socket and it was fixed. Physical therapy was on me as far as taking what he did and making it worked for me. 5 months after the surgery I went back to work with no restrictions and he monitored me every step of the way. He is a very positive and calming Doctor. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a shoulder replacement. I am 65 and my arm has never felt this good in 25 years or more. Thanks to Dr. Garcia and his staff for the times I sent in the office.

~ Keithley S

I had knee surgery on Feburary 19th, 2019 with Dr. Grant Garcia. I’m a mid twenties woman who tore her MPFL severely and it needed to come out and be replaced. Dr. Garcia was incredible through the entire process. He was very clear with what was going to happen and how it was going to happen. My knee was pretty severely impacted and I ended up getting an MPFL reconstruction with a cadaver tendon and an Arthoscopy. Dr. Garcia and the entire staff made me feel comfortable and calm through the entire recovery. Before the surgery I was in crutches and barely able to walk up stairs without assistance. Now, one year later I have my life back. I’ve hiked and skiied, stood for more than 30 minutes with no problem. Dr. Garcia and the staff of Seattle Orthopedic Surgeons gave me my life back and I am forever grateful.

~ Bailey F

Dr Garcia is amazing! I was referred to him by my physical therapist for my left meniscus when another surgeon said there was nothing that could be done and I need to just “grin and bear it”. Dr Garcia tried a cortisone shot and more physical therapy. When that didn’t work he gave me the option of surgery to see what is actually going on. It turned out that my meniscus was very close to tearing and he was able to make the repair. He explains everything in an easy to understand way and makes me feel very comfortable with what has been done and what to expect next. Everyone at his office is so helpful and nice. I have already told anyone who has knee or shoulder problems to go visit him and I will continue to!

~ Amanda

My 13 year old daughter had been having knee pain for over 5 years by the time we ended up in Dr. Garcia’s office. She is a dancer and her right knee would bother her while dancing. An MRI showed some patellar tendinitis. We had already tried rest, PT, and oral steroids. Dr. Garcia was always very thorough with his exams. We decided to start with a cortisone injection. Unfortunately, this didn’t help. Then we went on to do a PRP injection. (Not covered by insurance).There was some difficulty starting an IV on my daughter and we were unable to collect the necessary 60cc of blood required for the procedure. Dr. Garcia was visibly upset and extremely apologetic. We rescheduled the procedure for a few days later and Dr. Garcia was able to have one of the anesthesiologists from the clinic come and start the IV, at no extra cost to us. We were able to complete the injection, but it didn’t work either. Throughout all this time, Dr. Garcia was so attentive and clearly invested in my daughter’s recovery. We repeated the MRI and found that she also had a fat pad light up. Dr. Garcia gave us the option of surgery. He said that he could only offer us a 50% chance that it would work, but that he was willing to do it if we wanted. Correction, he as willing to do it if my daughter wanted to. This is the thing that I admire most about Dr. Garcia. HE ALWAYS TALKS DIRECTLY TO MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER AND MAKES SURE THAT SHE IS THE ONE MAKING DECISIONS ABOUT HER OWN HEALTHCARE. My daughter had the surgery last October. It went very well and she walked out of the surgery center on her own two feet. It is now 4 months later and the pain that my daughter had before surgery is gone. She has a pointe solo in her dance studio’s production of Oz in a few weeks!

~ Renee G

I had a very good experience with Dr. Garcia. My results were excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him

~ Alicia J

I feel lucky to have had Dr Garcia for my shoulder injuries. After seeing the images on the MRI, and subsequent photos of the surgery, he did a beautiful job of repairing the tear on the cuff and relocating the biceps tendon – little works of beauty and skill! At the age of 75, this was a daunting surgery and recovery. He was very enthusiastic about getting me back to pain free yoga and swimming. He listened to all my concerns, and was patient and thourough in explaining everything. He recommended a top-notch physical therapist, and at the end of five months I am back to doing everything I want to do. I would say he’s the best surgeon and cheerleader for the proceedure anyone could want!

~ Sandra O

I met Dr. Garcia when my shoulders were extremely painful and I needed to have both replaced. His care and concern for his patients is outstanding! He explained what he would be doing in surgery. He takes the time to listen to his patients and answers all questions. He is an excellent surgeon and I have had very good results with both shoulders! I highly recommend Dr. Garcia!!

~ Sharon C

I waited five years to find a surgeon that could perform a complex reconstruction of my shoulder. I had superior capsular reconstruction performed by Dr. Garcia six months ago and the results have been amazing, both with respect to pain relief and improved function. I highly recommend Dr. Garcia.

~ Shawn I

Check Out Dr. Garcia’s Patient Testimonial After Complex Shoulder Stabilization Surgery

If you have an orthopedic issue, go see Dr. Garcia! I have been to a lot of different ortho docs for a 13 year old knee injury before Dr. Garcia fixed it with a cartilage transplant (osteochondral allograft). He was the first doctor who offered to try something new (what a relief) because he is an incredibly talented surgeon and knew the latest research on treatment options and outcomes. Beyond his skill, I could actually see he how much he cared about whether my knee pain was gone and it finally is. All around, Dr. Garcia is one of the best!

~ Christina P

Dr. Garcia understands both the physical and mental aspects of an injury to an athlete. He was able to reconstruct my ACL and provide me the resources needed to make a speedy and safe recovery. I have recommended him to friends who have similar operations and would go back to him in a heartbeat if needed.

~ Eric S

Check Out Dr. Garcia’s Patient Testimonial Video After Cartilage Transplant

Dr. Garcia did a meniscus root repair on my right knee in October 2019 and it has been the best outcome imaginable. I no longer have pain in my knee when sitting and walking. Dr. Garcia is the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever been to and I highly recommend him.

~ Sara L.

Dr Garcia was awesome and did a fabulous job putting back together my multi fractured ankle. Everyone I encountered told me how hard it was to fix a fracture like I had and how good he was at those tough cases. I am thankful to have had him as a surgeon and thankful I am walking like normal now! Thanks to Dr Garcia and all the fabulous people that helped me thru this at the clinic!!

~ Rebecca K.

I can not say enough about what a wonderful doctor I have found in Dr Grant Garcia. I had had a full knee replacement back in February and developed a great deal of scar tissue immediately after my surgery. After months of physical therapy my surgeon told me to give it a year and see how I was then. He said I would learn to “adapt” that’s what everyone does. Well thanks to Travis Reed, at North Bend Physical Therapy I was given Dr Garcia’s name. My first visit in his office, he was kind and willing to discuss my options. He explained the good and the bad and what I could expect from a scar tissue removal surgery. He listened to my concerns with general anesthesia and was willing to perform my surgery with a spinal. The outcome has been nothing short of incredible. I have regained my mobility and flexibility to a degree I never thought I would be able to obtain. I highly recommend Dr Grant Garcia he is a truly gifted surgeon and a caring man.

~ Ellie M.

If you’re shopping for an orthopedic surgeon…here’s a shout-out to Dr. Grant Garcia with Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle. He put three (big) screws into our daughter left leg to fix a risky fracture in the head of the femur. He was caring, compassionate and such a perfectionist — all we could ask for! My regular orthopedic doctor is retiring this year, so should I need orthopedics in the future (good chance) I’m thinking of making the drive to Seattle…even with the horrible traffic.

~ Erika A

Dr. Grant Garcia is an amazing, skillful and compassionate Surgeon. At the age of 53 I had a water skiing accident that gave me a severe shoulder SLAP tear that tore my tendon and Labrum significantly. After being miss diagnosed at another office, I came in to OSS, (my husband had a great experience and results with his hip replacement by Dr. Downer), to see if someone could help me, I was seen by Dr. Garcia, who quickly diagnosed and scheduled surgery for a biceps Tenodesis. Dr. Garcia did an amazing job putting me back together, (A little like Humpty Dumpty). He also coached me through the recovery and rebuilding process, it was not an easy recovery but worth it. I am able to do things I probably shouldn’t do at my age but life is short. Dr. Garcia was very patient and supportive throughout the process and I would highly recommend his services to anyone that is active and would like to stay that way. I can now continue skiing, hiking, riding horse and motorcycles with my son.

~ Belinda B

Dr. Garcia is very knowledgeable and always willing to take time to answer questions. He explains everything In detail but always has time to answer questions. He has replaced both my shoulders and I’m very happy with the results!! I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia!!!

~ Heidi G

I’d highly recommend Dr. Garcia to anyone needing surgery and especially athletes. He understood from the get-go how important my activities & sports are to me and was attentive to my needs from diagnosis to 8 months post surgery. My meniscus was described as “tattered” and Dr. Garcia’s work helped me get back to near 100% shape.

~ Mick B

I’m 5+ weeks beyond my meniscus tear surgery and couldn’t be happier with the outcome: pain-free and have resumed virtually all of my normal activities (will return to tennis this week). Dr. Garcia was excellent throughout: diagnosis, laying out treatment options, performing the surgery, and follow-up visits. He’s a great communicator and set (and met) expectations for recovery/rehabilitation period following surgery.

~ Mark F

I had a flawless experience with Dr. Garcia from diagnosis to surgery, post surgical recovery and return to full duty at work. I have 100% confidence in his skill set and would recommend him to anyone. My results were excellent. I’m pain free in my knee and can perform every activity I enjoyed prior to my work injury.

~ Ted L

Dr. Garcia changed my life! 22 years ago I sustained an injury that has caused me knee problems ever since. My knee pain had been getting increasingly worse over the past 5 years and was so bad that I had a hard time walking through a grocery store. Every doctor I went to said that they had done all they could for me and I had to just live with the pain. I decided to give one more doctor a chance and I was referred to Dr. Garcia. At my first appointment, I could tell that Dr. Garcia was different from other doctors I had seen. He was engaged and excited to be able to help me out. I could tell that he truly loves what he does. Dr. Garcia told me that my tibia was out of alignment and that’s what was causing the knee pain and arthritis. And best of all, he had a fix. He performed a high tibial osteotomy on my left leg and 5 months post surgery I have NO knee pain and I am back to being active – hiking, cycling, etc. I feel like a new person.

~ Valerie Z

I broke my glenoid cavity in my shoulder at work in March 2019. From everything I’d heard about shoulder surgeries, I never thought I’d regain my full strength or mobility. Dr. Garcia did an amazing job and I have 90% of my range of motion back within 6 months. I can already lift up to 50 pounds with that arm and can see substantial progress week to week.

~ Steven S

Dr. Garcia is fantastic! Very courteous, thorough, and a fantastic surgeon. Very pleased with my outcome!

~ Christi G

Excellent experience with Dr. Grant Garcia!! I had been having problems with my knee so came in to see Dr. Garcia. He quickly diagnosed a torn meniscus and scheduled surgery. I was a little apprehensive because my brother had recently had meniscus surgery and he had advised me to “get some strong medication for afterwards!” Dr. Garcia was very patient and articulate about the process, plus he directed me to his web site where he had a number of short videos that explained the surgery, what the meniscus was and did, what arthroscopic surgery entails and other very useful and easy-to-digest information.

The actual surgical process was smooth and the nurses and other assistants were extremely kind and friendly, helping me to relax every step of the way. After surgery, my daughter drove me home and took care of me but because there was absolutely NO pain for the first 48 hours I began to think that perhaps I had not actually had surgery! I took one of the prescription pain pills only because I was told to do so, but I really didn’t need it. Dr. Garcia explained that the amount of time he must spend inside my knee to fix the meniscus is directly related to my recovery, and he said he was in and out in 15 minutes so he expected my recovery to be quick. It was. I was walking around without pain almost immediately and was driving just three days later.

I have continued to recover smoothly and am now back at low-impact Jazzercise and Gentle Yoga—even the Child’s Pose!—and am feeling no pain. I credit Dr. Garcia’s skill and knowledge and expertise, as well as the years of “squats” I have been doing in Jazzercise for the good surgical experience and for my smooth recovery!

Would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Garcia!!!

~ Sally T

Dr. Garcia has been fantastic. He is calm, courteous and professional. Especially appreciated how confident and reassuring he was. In what would have been a 12-15 week healing process took only 8. Feeling grateful to be mobile sooner than later. His team is wonderful. Highly recommend Dr. Garcia and team.

~ Christine B

Dr. Garcia fixed my ruptured distal bicep tendon, which had retracted pretty far up towards my shoulder. I am now back doing the thing I love (Aikido) at full capacity, hopefully for many years to come!

~ Abell S

My Physiatrist referred me to Dr. Grant Garcia for my shoulder pain I was having . MRI showed I needed surgery. I was so pleased with the professionalism and caring staff of OSS!! Such wonderful care I received from everyone . I am so thankful for the incredible surgical skills of Dr. Garcia! I had not only a torn rotator cuff but also a detached bicep and am making the recovery from that thanks to Dr . Garcia and his surgical team at OSS. You and your whole team have been a blessing for me! Thank you Dr. Garcia!

~ Gaylene J

Dr Garcia was extremely professional in dealing with my torn meniscus. I felt we had the right mix of PT (try to fix it with therapy first) prior to deciding the surgery. The surgery was a big success with knee feeling much better after even a couple of days.

~ Greg N

Staff office are great. Dr Garcia is a fantastic surgeon. I got a second opinion. He saw me right away. He diagnosed me and came up with a plan.

I had surgery this morning. I feel the best I have felt in months.

I am so grateful to Dr Garcia for giving me relief from chronic pain.

I am only taking tylenol and Ibuprofen for minor pain.

~ Karen R

Our high school aged son experienced a sports-related elbow injury and we were referred to Dr. Garcia for evaluation. From our very first appointment, Dr. Garcia was extremely patient, caring and detail oriented in his communications with us. He even took the time to call my husband, who was out of town, during one of our appointments to update him on our son’s treatment options. We decided to have a modified UCL surgery (a newer approach for non-throwing athletes, in lieu of the typical TJ surgery). He provided excellent care and attention at all stages of treatment. Our son has fully recovered and is back playing the sport he loves.

~ Fitzwilson

Dr Garcia is great! My shoulder looked like someone put a golf ball in it. He gave my an injection to reduce the swelling and decrease the pain but, after the MRI, he said I needed surgery. I put it off six months, thinking I could fix it myself with massage and PT. When I finally agreed to have the surgery, I was freaked out that it was a lot bigger than I had imagined- rotator cuff repair, biceps tendon repair etc. Dr. Garcia did a marvelous job. It was arthroscopic- you can't even see the scar. My shoulder feels better than it has in years. Thank you, Dr. Garcia, for helping me get back to enjoying my life!

~ Susan H

I am very grateful to Dr Garcia for fixing my broken collarbone. Four months after the surgery, I feel great. He was very thorough and patient during the whole process. He took time to carefully answer all my questions during office visits.

~ Shailend C

My teenage daughter had a Type 3 tibial spine avulsion fracture, which is similar to an ACL tear except that the bone breaks instead of the ligament. Dr. Garcia has been outstanding throughout her care, from the preoperative assessment, to the operation itself, to the postoperative care. I am a physician, and I would definitely highly recommend Dr. Garcia for my friends and family. And I would likewise recommend Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle in general—three of my immediate family members including myself had received excellent care from their doctors.

~ Eric K

I had my left shoulder rotator cuff and my left left biceps tendon done by Dr Garcia on 04/04/19.All I said to him was,”I want one of those ”Winter Soldier” arms and,”No cutting the tatoos and to be perfectly honest I was scared poopless and he could tell and calmed me down asap and then spoke with my wife about post op activities at home. He should be proud of himself because he can tell you how bad off I was and all the work he did to help me. I was hurt on the job and on L n I as of (11/30/17) and have been on light to modified to no work due to my condition.But do not feel bad for me I have been making people regret doubting me for a long time.I also have a top shelf surgeon in Dr.Grant Garcia and who I have to thank because he didn’t just fix my arm or make it to where I can go back to work he made it ,No me !! stronger and for that I am truly thankful.🇺🇸 Thank you again. Dr.Garcia
Ps.And thank you from my lovely wife and my kids
Thank you.

~ Udell G

Dr. Garcia was amazing when I had to undergo both ACL and Meniscus surgery.He was caring, detailed and helped expedite the process when I was under tight time constraints. Would highly recommend his services, and the OSS team!

~ Natalie B

I had a long overdue shoulder replacement about 6 months ago. The surgery went smoothly as did my recovery. My doctor was excellent and by following the details of my physical therapy and directions of my doctor I can now move my arm around freely without pain and only need to continue strengthening. There was not as much pain as I expected from the surgery itself. I am very happy I had this done.

~ Susan K

I can’t say enough about Dr. Grant Garcia and his team at Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle. I had a tri-malleolar fracture and in less than 4 months, I’m walking, working out again and doing really well.Dr. Garcia was professional, encouraging and attentive through the entire process. I feel for anyone that has this kind of a break, and highly recommend Dr. Garcia and his team of experts. Top notch from beginning to end.

~ Elise V

I am very grateful that Dr. Garcia is my doctor! I was told there was nothing short of a shoulder replacement to address my shoulder injuries. He assured me he would have a plan to help me. Dr. Garcia makes it clear that he was working with ME to help ME and not just performing a surgery. He assured me the day of the superior capsular reconstruction that he would do his very best to help restore my shoulder function and I am on my way! He has followed through starting with a phone call first thing in the morning the day after surgery and has been there for the past 12 weeks. Dr. Garcia and his staff have been very respectful of my time (I travel 90 miles to his office) and the appointments are always prompt. He has responded to my email questions within two hours of initial emails, he answers my office questions with serious concern (always looking you straight in the eye, not at a computer) and has made sure I know that he is there to help me recover. I have a journey ahead of me to my full recovery and am so glad that I have Dr. Garcia along side me as I move forward.

~ Donnett B

Dr. Garcia was great! I had a bad leg fracture and he did a great job. I am very thankful to be back walking again. Everybody at the office was kind, pleasant, and extremely helpful. Thanks again.

~ Beverly W

I fell from my stairs to my sidewalk on my right shoulder. Dr. Garcia accurately accessed the critical condition of my injury. Surgery was scheduled in 2 weeks and with Dr. Garcia skill completely repair the damage to my tendons and ligaments. Six month post op with physical therapy I am completely recovered and I am totally satisfied with his assessment and skill as a surgeon. I am 65 years old.

~ Washington Girl

I was referred to Dr Garcia for an Achilles detachment and he had been amazing. He’s incredibly friendly and calming and eased my anxiety about having surgery. After hearing horror stories of the recovery time from other people, I was very happy to have been able to be back to almost normal far more quickly than I had anticipated. I would highly recommend Dr Garcia, and in fact I already have.

~ Lena G

Dr Grant was terrific and for the first time in 15-years, I can move my leg without hearing clicking and without feeling any pain in my knee.

I knew at my first appointment that I was going to be in safe hands, and felt reassured that I would be well looked after.

The surgical procedure (meniscectomy) went very well and I am extremely grateful to the Orthopeadic Specialists of Seattle for doing their very best.

Thoroughly recommend

~ Eosh S

Dr Garcia is a great surgeon and did a wonderful job on my knee, he is very polite and good at what he does. Strongly recommend him if you’re looking for a surgeon.

~ Ruben E

Dr Garcia is fantastic – really really knows his stuff, and how to explain it to you, the patient. I am able to use my shoulder again after Dr Garcia performed a Superior Capsular Reconstruction on it. My rotator cuff was beyond conventional repair, but this saved the day. This procedure is fairly new, but Dr Garcia is a seasoned pro at it, and I’m so grateful to be a recipient of his talent, knowledge, and expertise. He’s very enthusiastic and focused. Thanks, Dr Garcia!

~ Kit W

Working construction in July 2018, I ruptured my bicep tendon. The normal complete rupture, allows the tendon to move 2 to 3 cm (1 inch). Mine retracted 10 cm (4 inches). The second significant factor in my case was three months past before my October surgery (L & I). Doctor G. Garcia was assigned my case. We reviewed my case, the MRI images, the X-rays and the options. On surgery day, the “Surgery Team” placed all my fears aside! True professionals! At week 14 post op, my arm has opened to 179 of 180 degrees. Dr. Garcia is now reviewing my other elbow and shoulder. I’ve been to war for this country four times. I’ve placed my life and future in the hands of Dr. Grant Garcia and the OSS staff, and happy I did. I would love to have Dr. Garcia as a Doctor in a combat zone. Thank you to all the Doctors and staff at OSS for your time on my knee, hip, elbows and shoulders. OSS has it’s now X-ray and MRI machines and surgery suite. A true one stop shop! Kudos to all. Thanks!

~ D. Johnson B

Dr Garcia performed surgery on my knee which had a torn meniscus, wedged in the tibia. From the initial consult to the follow-up appt., Dr Garcia was professional, informative and personable. I was pleasantly surprised how seamless the entire surgery and recovery went. I was comfortably walking in three days! Thank you so much

~ Jodie L

Thank you!!! My bike ride got interrupted by a car and all of a sudden I was at Harborview for the rest of the weekend. Wonderful care and wonderful people, but because of the extent of my injuries I needed considerable followup. We called Dr Peterson and he and Dr Garcia found time to fit me in and schedule a proper surgical repair of my shoulder. All in surprisingly short order. But the best part was that Dr Garcia also looked out for all the other injuries and made sure I was getting fantastic followup with my hand surgeries, nagging neck pain, and all the PT and OT that I would need. It was a bummer he couldn’t do anything for my ribs. :) In the midst of this, my son returned from school having dislocated his shoulder multiple times. Dr Garcia took the time to review different possible scenarios for my son and help us consider surgical and non surgical means based on extensive research and data to help him enjoy his favorite sport; skiing. He will eventually need some work done to repair his shoulder, but we are confident that Dr Garcia will give him the best care he could possibly have. We hope 2019 requires fewer doctor visits than 2018, but for those that need help, my wife and I couldn’t more strongly recommend Dr Garcia and the entire team at SOC.

~ Scott M

An apple a daydidn’t keep us away from medical needs, however, as a family, we are appreciative of the excellent care and collaborative dedication to helping us mend. 2018 has been a busy year- first a few visits with Dr. Reid when Scott broke his ankle skiing, then knee surgery for Kris with Dr. Peterson…and then clavicle and hand repairs with Dr. Garcia and Dr. Weil. Somewhere in that time frame, our son returned from college feeling stressed about a dislocating shoulder, but Dr. Garcia reassured him that there are several options that will help him to continue doing the activities he loves. All along the way we have been treated with care, compassion, and a healthy dose of humor.

~ Scott M

Without a doubt, Dr. Grant Garcia is one of the most highly skilled and most knowledgeable medical professionals practicing in Orthopedics. I highly recommend him and his staff for anyone in need of orthopedic surgery. My partner was recently referred to Dr. Garcia after an initial visit to a local ER for a workplace injury. Upon examining the injury, Dr. Garcia urgently ordered an ultrasound around the injury due to signs of a possible blood-clot. Within 10 minutes, his assistant Robyn informed us that she had already made the appointment and we simply needed to drive straight there as they were expecting us. The results of the ultrasound did reveal a blood-clot; one that was one of the largest that any of the providers had seen. Dr. Garcia’s expertise could have possibly saved his life. His spot-on diagnosis was crucial in determining the most effective treatment plan while reducing future risks and complications that could have been deadly. After that, his assistant Robyn has kept in contact to schedule follow-up visits. In addition, she has gone above and beyond expectations by taking the time to ensure that all medical forms are accurately completed and forwarded onto the proper agencies to ensure timely response and insurance claim payments. The process would have been much more difficult and time consuming without her much appreciated assistance. The exceptional level of service provided by Dr. Garcia and his staff is a direct reflection of their commitment to provide the highest quality medical care to each of their patients. Anyone who has the pleasure of being one of his patients can rest-assured that their life is in the best hands under his care.

~ Matt M

Very knowledgeable, helpful, positive, and had great explanations.

~ Daniel W M

I saw Dr. Garcia for a knee issue that seemed to be a torn meniscus. A cortisone shot was tried first which brought relief from the pain. After a few weeks it was clear there was still a problem that the cortisone and rest wasn’t resolving. I had an MRI which confirmed the tear and scheduled surgery. All went beautifully. Dr. Garcia did a great job explaining the procedure to myself and my spouse and letting us know what to expect in the following days/weeks. After 7 weeks of recovery and PT I am able to work very gradually toward jogging again.

~ Margaret M

I was seeing a Physical Therapist for some pain in my hip. After a couple of sessions he referred me to Dr. Garcia to rule out a stress fracture. Incredibly, Dr. Garcia was able to see me that same day and get me in for an MRI. When the results came back that afternoon, he took the time to call me as he was heading out of town. The quick diagnosis and care allowed me to start my recovery journey immediately. And, while spending the next six weeks on crutches was less than ideal, Dr. Garcia’s approach ensured maximum recovery time. Today, at my follow-up appointment Dr. Garcia patiently and thoughtfully answered my list of questions about preventing future running injuries and a contingency plan should the pain return.

I am very grateful for the connection that my Physical Therapist made and the ease of scheduling and getting in the same day. I joked that I hope to never see him again (crutches and hip injuries are the worst!) but I know that when I need orthopedic physician again, I will be in good hands.

~ Jocelyn D

I believe Dr. Garcia is the most exceptional surgeon I have ever met. As a registered nurse of 14 years, and a receiver of multiple orthopedic surgeries, I cannot say enough good things about this surgeon. He immediately advocated for two MRI's the same day he saw me, he tailored the plan of care to my unique situation as an athlete from out-of-state, and I was out of my elbow surgery within one week of meeting Dr. Garcia for the first time. He also connected me with an excellent Physical Therapist, who immediately improved my non-operative knee injury. Beyond this, he gave me statistical information on the success of the newer, less-extensive surgery that he performed on my elbow. He was respectful, knowledgeable, and efficient. At just a week and a half out of surgery, I am already thrilled with the results and my progress. It is outstandingly abnormal for a surgeon to defy all the average expectations in healthcare to advocate for a person he has never met. Thank you Dr. Grant Garcia!

~ Kathryn E

12 weeks ago I had a posterolateral corner reconstruction along with an ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair. I can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Garcia has been throughout the process. With my surgery in particular, it would have been easy to miss all the repairs that I needed. He not only did a great job with a complicated surgery, he made sure to explain everything thoroughly. He also made the smallest incisions possible and did a subcuticular suture (under the skin), which I'm extremely grateful for. The recovery and support that I've had is unparalleled. I hope to never have to have surgery again, but if I do, I would definitely go back to Dr. Garcia.

~ Carmin C

Dr. Garcia is a wizard. He reconstructed my ACL and completely repaired my MCL and double meniscus tear in three hours flat. I will say that office visits usually run late, but for results this good, it's well worth the wait.

~ Harvey B

  • Brown University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Cornell University
  • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Rush University Medical Center
  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • American Association of Nurse Anesthetists