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Grant H. Garcia, MD

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Grant H. Garcia, MD

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Shoulder Capsular Release

Frozen Shoulder Arthroscopic Capsular Release:


Arthroscopic release of the shoulder is a technique to improve motion and relieve pain after adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder. In patients who fail injections, and physical therapy, Dr. Garcia may offer an arthroscopic capsular release of the shoulder. Dr. Garcia will use a small shaver and a “water cutter” to release the shoulder capsule and improve motion.


The patient is usually placed on their side and given a nerve block to reduce pain after surgery. They are given general anesthesia and medicine is given to relax the patient’s muscles.

Dr. Garcia makes two small “poke hole” size incisions and removes any scar and opens the capsule of the shoulder to improve motion. Care is taken throughout the procedure to avoid damage to the nerves of the shoulder and muscles.

Once the capsule has been fully released the shoulder is gently manipulated to give the patient back their motion. In many cases Dr. Garcia is able to get a significant motion improvement from this procedure.


This is one of the few shoulder surgeries that physical therapy is needed within a 1-2 days of after surgery. Please arrange this with Dr. Garcia’s office to allow for the best outcome. It usually takes 4 months for full recovery. See Dr. Garcia’s post-operative rehab protocols section for further information.

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